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Foundation Drilling Tools - Hexagonal Core Auger, Bucket

Hexagonal Core Auger
Hexagonal Connector
Drive Pin
Finger Bit
Finger type Auger Head
Bullet Teeth
Hard type Auger Head
Double Wedge
Drilling Tools

Foundation Drilling Tools – Wear Parts

Foundation Drilling Teeth
FZ80 Series
FZ72 Series
FZ65 Series
FZ100 Series
Welding Bars
Replaceable Casing Shoe
B47K22H Rock Bit
B47K22H60 Rock Bit
C30 Series Rock Bit
C10 Series Rock Bit
CMM4 Rock Bit
BFZ158 Protection Bit
Wear Plate
Core Barrel Teeth
Pilots - Large Diameter
Pilots - Small Diameter
Rotator Cutter
Casing Joint
Kelly Box